Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Short Hiatus & Lovely Linzer Cookies

Wow, time flies... and sadly, I don't have any valid excuse for not posting so I won't even try to make one up.  I've been home pretty much all this week and doing lots of fun baking!

A friend recently had a baby a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to make something sweet and yummy for her to enjoy.  Of course, cookies quickly came to mind, but I didn't want just any o'l cookie.  I wanted something... pretty.  So my search began for a lovely pretty cookie, fit for a new mommy - and boy did I find the perfect one.  The Linzer Cookie.

First off, it's C-U-T-E!!  Who wouldn't want to bite into something so adorable with a little jam peeking out of the center?  And Secondly, no body can resist a butter cookie. It's pure fact. Or maybe it's just my experience.  (I didn't make it the real linzer cookie way, with crushed up hazelnuts and almonds - I just made it a simple butter cookie). 

It was fun putting the cookie together, and I'll definitely make it again very soon.  The cookie batter itself was a little moist so keeping it in the fridge (and using lots of flour) before rolling made it easier to work with.  Either way, the cookies were yummy and looked great.

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